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MX/SX Sign-Up Form

Pre-fill this out and get right in line on race day!

2022 Sign-Up Sheets1024_1.png

Harescramble Sign-Up Form

Pre-fill this out and get right in line on race day!


Minor Release Form

All minors are required to turn in a minor release in order to ride any of the tracks or participate in any events. This includes all practice or free-ride demo days. A parent or guarding is able to fill the form out in person on site but if you do not plan on attending the track for any of the above listed, then we require that the form be notarized and the original copy accompanies the minor. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE. IF YOU DO NOT PROVIDE THE MINOR RELEASE AS DESCRIBED THEN YOU DO NOT RIDE! And that makes for a sad day, so get it done!!

release waiver minor_poster_.png

Season Pass Contract

Season Pass Single Rider $800.00

season pass contract single rider_poster

Season Pass Contract

Season Family Pass $1,400.00

season pass contract family_poster_.png
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