2022 Amateur Track Races

The amateur track was built for our new young riders to get the feel for racing without the stress of the big bikes. These races are intended to be fun for the kids and parents.

Please follow the rules below. 

  • New riders only

  • You cannot ride both tracks on race days. If your rider is able to be on the main track then he/she should not be on the amateur track.

  • Training Wheels are for practice days only. Racing with them is not permitted.

  • Track Officials can move riders to the main track at there discretion. If your rider is determined to have a higher level than "First time/New" to motocross they will be placed on the appropriate track or moved to the Open Am Class.

  • If you're a rider that is experienced in racing but moved up to a new bike size you may race the Open Am class. 

Airway X Motocross - Saturday and Sunday's

Round #1 & #2 April 24th and 25th

Round #3 & #4 Sept 18th and 19th

Round #5 & #6th Oct 2nd and 3rd

Airway X Supercross - Friday and Saturday's

Round #1 & #2 June 11th and 12th

Round #3 & #4 July 16th and 17th

Round #5 & #6th Aug 6th and 7th

Round #7 & #8 Aug 20th and 21st

Race  Classes: 

  • Pee-Wee

  • 50/60/85 First time (F)

  • Open Am

Race  fees:

  • First Class      $40.00

  • Second Class $25.00

Event Fees:

  • Gate Fees: $15.00 per day or $25.00 per weekend (kids 6 and under are free)

  • RV Camping $25.00 per night

  • Truck/Tent Camping $10.00 per night

Race Day Schedule​:

        AMX Series

  • Sign-up open at 7:00 am

  • Practice 8:30 am

  • Racing Starts 9:00 am

    Supercross Series

  • Sign-up open at 12: 30 pm

  • Practice 2:00pm

  • Racing Starts 2:30 pm