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Welcome to Airway X

We are a premier NW Motocross facility dedicated to the X. Whether you're into Motocross, Supercross, Endurocross, Freestyle, or Hare Scrambles, we all are bound together by the X. Airway is a great place to take the family to go play in the dirt! We have a great facility that has all the amenities to make your stay as comfortable as possible including 40+ RV hookups, plenty of day parking, bike wash area, two sets of bathrooms, hot showers, and an easy drive into town for anything you forget.

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We have two independent tracks. The main motocross track and the beginner track. The main track has a different configuration

than we run when we fire up the lights for the supercross series. The track accommodates all skill levels from new peewee riders to top pro-level riders.


The main track is groomed and watered daily. With the exception of rough Friday. Since we are open late on Thursday there isn't a lot of time for track prep and Fridays are usually pretty quiet.  However, we do water-based on attendance. The track is always fresh on Thursdays and the weekends

 The Amateur track this track is built with new riders in mind. This track is for junior 50cc riders up to big bike beginners and first-timers. Located behind the wash stations.


The beginner track (MX Nursery) is dedicated to the new recruits of the sport. We limit this track to PeeWees, Beginner 65s, and Beginner 85s. Located next to the yellow bathrooms as you enter the park.


The Hare Scramble course is about 5.5 miles long depending on the layout. This trail system is only run during the Hair Scramble Events.


We do have some Freestyle MX ramps on site. We can't say who can use them but If you do not have experience with these and you're interested please let us know and we can hook you up with guys that have them dialed.

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