• RV Camping $25.00 per night

  • Truck/Tent Camping $10.00 per night

  • Bunk House Fee: $10.00 per night

Event Camping: All camping and gate fees are paid through Sunday. You can be refunded your fees for Sunday if you exit the park by 8 p.m. on Saturday. Refunds are only given if you are still wearing your wristband. Please be nice!

Bunkhouse Fee: RV Camping covers the immediate family. If you drive in separately and plan on shacking up with your buddies that's cool with us! That's what the bunkhouse fee is. You will be issued the same number camping pass to identify whom you are bunking with. We do not care how many smelly dirt bikers you want to stuff in an RV just pay the fee.

Mid-Week Storage - (Monday-Thursday)
RV storage without hookups $50.00

**Notice** Please be aware that the gates are closed and locked at the above closing times for the security of the park. If you are going to be arriving after the close times then please call or text us at
509-218-5366 to make arrangements. We want you to make it in!

Thanks for your understanding. We are working on automated exit gates but everything takes time and money so hang in there!

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